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The Health Benefits of Yoga

The Health Benefits of Yoga
The Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga’s Effects on the Mind, Body, and Soul

Yoga can improve physical health & psychological disorders. Yoga has many health advantages, including better body image, decreased sadness, and weight reduction.

Yoga enhances the mind-body connection, which can improve your mood and physical health, and even lighten various psychological disorders. Improved depression, body image struggles, eating disorders, and even physical problems such as back pain and asthma are some of the health benefits of yoga practice and meditation.

The health benefits of yoga are initiated because you’re focusing on inner peace. Yoga is founded on the principles of self-realization, relaxation, concentration, and harmony. According to research, yoga advantages include alleviating a variety of illnesses, ranging from back pain to tiredness.

The health benefits of yoga: depression

Yoga can lift your mood and disposition, especially when combined with traditional treatments, by focusing your attention on how your emotions are expressed in your body. Negative feelings that are blocked or suppressed may come to the surface during certain hatha yoga poses, which move negative energy from “stuck” places in the body.

Psychotherapist Stephen Cope wrote Yoga and the Quest for the True Self. In this book that reveals many health benefits of yoga, Cope states that yoga creates familiar feelings of well-being. The National Institute for Mental Health in India found a 73% success rate in treating depression with the Sudarshan kriya technique. The relationship between yoga and depression is still undergoing scientific scrutiny – but whether you’re depressed or not, yoga can’t hurt your mood!

The health benefits of yoga transcend your mood and how you see yourself.

The health benefits of yoga: improved body image

Women who practice yoga report higher levels of body satisfaction, less self-objectification, and increased contentment with their physical appearance (compared to women who do not practice yoga). Women who practice yoga also report experiencing fewer symptoms of eating disorders, perhaps because yoga teaches you to listen to your body’s input and develop an awareness of your physical feelings. It, in turn, makes you less preoccupied with your appearance, gives you more positive views of your body, and helps you incorporate healthy eating habits in your life. Yoga may also help you tune out society’s messages that thin is the only excellent body shape, and only beautiful people are valuable. A healthy body image is one of the health benefits of yoga.

The health benefits of yoga: weight loss

According to a National Cancer Institute-funded study, regular yoga practice (30 minutes once a week) was connected to weight loss in subjects between 45 and 55. Yoga isn’t about burning calories; it’s more about becoming more aware of your body and when it’s full of food, stress, or conversation.

The health benefits of yoga concerning weight loss are that it’s easier to stop eating when your mind-body connection is strong. It is your knowledge of your body that improves, not necessarily the calorie burn. Yoga improves mindfulness and encourages a “gentle strength”, which positively affects weight loss and weight management.

The health benefits of yoga: improved physical health

Research is proving connections between good physical health and yoga. For instance, epileptic stress, back pain and fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis are all health problems that have been proven to be reduced by yoga practices – and that’s just barely scratching the surface of all the scientific research about yoga and health!

The health benefits of yoga: improved sensuality

Yoga can even improve your relationship and love life. When my husband and I participated in a weekly yoga class, we found ourselves much more romantic in the evenings! Depression and health problems aside, it can improve your overall disposition and mood. Even struggles like fear of intimacy and anxiety-based phobias can be enhanced with regular meditation and yoga.


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